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How to choose auto body shop in Columbus OH?

Updated: May 30, 2023

If you car is in a collision and you need a body shop to fix your car, even you have a full coverage of insurance, only 5% of the body shop can make it right.

There are 5 ways to help you choose the right body shop.

1.Check the google reviews.

The most efficient way to choose a body shop is to check the reviews of this body shop online. See what the old customer says about this shop, and what`s the most important category of this shop. Some shops are mainly service on high-end cars, and have very professional jobs like Toy-barn in Dublin area, Columbus OH, but they also comes with a little more expensive cost compare to the other shops. Some shops are cheap but also have very poor works like those body shop in Westerville rd, Columbus OH. You can also pick up a body shop like M work, 4650 Kenny rd, who has affordable price and professional jobs, but the location is behind a warehouse, which is hard to find.

(Customer reviews for M work)

2. Check the job they have done.

If you new to a boy shop, the best way to find out whether you like their job or not is to check the latest jobs the have done, do not just look at the pictures, please walk to the cars they have done recently and closely watch on it. See if there is over spray on the car? And if there is some orange peel? if the panels have been lined up? And these will tell you exactly if you like their jobs.

(Over spary)

3.Get the estimate and compare to the other shops.

Most of the car body shops offer free body work estimate, you can go to few body shops and compare the estimate to see which one you likes better. But remember, cheapest is not the best. Just like if there is an hole in your bummer, shop A choose to replace it for you and charge you 500$, shop B choose to fix it and charge you 300$, it`s obviously different way to fix your car, but replacing maybe the best way to do it, because some holes on bummer can`t be fixed right, it may not appear recently, but 1-2 yrs later, the hole will come out again if you just put mud and paint on it. M work offers free online estimate, it is not 100% accurate but you can still have something in mind how much it would cost to get your car fix right. They will also answer your question about what is the right way to get your car fixed, also free.

4.Check the warranty.

Business is business, if a business can`t guarantee their jobs which means this body shop is not self confident about their jobs. Since they don't believe their-selves why shall we trust them? ASK if they offer warranty on their jobs before an movement.

5.Check the attitude.

Attitude is everything. No matter how professional job a body shop has offered, if the lady who pick up the phone call is very rude, you still won`t like it, right? Fixing a car is not just a labor work, it is a customer service, just like a restaurant, you are not only spend your money on the food, but also pay for the environment, the consulting, the background music... So ask some questions and see if the customer service is patient.

Alexander O.


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