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Why full teardown is so important in the repair process

Full teardown may not be so familiar with customers and many of the body shops are lacking this process before they start the repair or estimate. Customers always want to know everything in the front and do not want to pay supplements, so if the repair facility wants to make your customer be aware of what happened to the car, a full teardown is required.

Benefit for full teardown:

  1. Full teardown and show the hidden damage on the vehicle. If your vehicle is wrecked in the front and it looks like just a bumper replacement and that might not be true. Some hidden damage, like AC condenser and re-enforcement banned, might not be shown just by looking at it.

  2. Full teardown and eliminate the cycle time by ordering parts again and again. If you didn`t tear down the car how can you know which parts are needed? The technician will also have a bad time when they are trying to put the car back together without the right parts. But with a full teardown, they will have everything in their hands at the time they put things back together.

  3. With a full teardown, the insurance can pay the right money. Without full tear down, as I said, some hidden damage may not be found and the insurance company will likely deny the supplement if they don`t think that is related to the repair. No one wants surprise in car repair, so everyone should get on the same page at the beginning of the repair. Make sure the repair facility does a full tear down and blueprint to avoid more supplements to the insurance company and let them pay one check instead of 2-3 more.

Full teardown does not mean that the body shop has to take everything out of your car... it`s just a partial disassembly on the damaged area, it will not increase the bill if there is no more damage to the car.

Require a full tear down and inspection on your vehicle by M work, it will both benefit you and the auto repair technician to make your car repair faster, easier and better.


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