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M work now deal with all Geico claims

Since 2015, M work has built a good relationship with Geico insurance company and adjusters for auto claims.

We can handle your Geico claim easily, smoothly, and quickly.

All Geico insurance auto claims will be guaranteed good quality repair and lifetime warranty.

The procedure of Geico insurance claim:

  1. Contact M work and give us the right claim# and customer information.

  2. M work will contact Geico for estimating and repair plans.

  3. Geico will send an adjuster to M work and do the estimate.

  4. M work will order the parts for the estimate and start working on the customer`s vehicle.

  5. The customer will pick up the car and pay the deductible for the repair.

  6. Geico will pay M work for the rest of the repair.

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