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Do you know that your repair estimate could be lower?

99% of the estimate is not accurate. If you bring your car to 2 body shops, they may give out 2 different numbers. So which one is right? And what is the right way to get my car fixed? Let me tell you the secret about body shops.

You have so many choices to get your car fixed. Just like when your tail light broke, you can choose from a LED taillight or a regular taillight, you can also choose from OEM parts or Aftermarket parts. In this way, we are not going to pick up the most expensive one, we are more likely to choose the one we need.

M work offers our customers different kinds of repairing suggestions, you can have multiple choices on repair, we are not pushing through the repair, we would like to hear what`s the real voice from your mind.

We could use used but qualified parts to get your car fixed at a significantly lower price than the big dealerships. Help our customers and make them happy is our priority, no matter what is your budget, we would like to find a way to get your car fixed.

This could be an 8,000$ dollar bill or you may only have to pay 3,800$ to get it fixed!!!


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