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5 Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing a Mechanic to Fix Your Car

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

According to the result of the online research, nearly 67% of the customer in mechanic repair is unsatisfied. So before you make a decision to fix a car there are 5 questions you need to ask the shop.

  1. Ask what type of vehicle they usually deal with?

The Asian car like Nissan, Honda, and Toyota has a very different design from European cars, the tools are very different in fixing the car. If you drive a BMW you probably don't want to go to a shop specialist on Japanese cars, so ask them what kind of car they are more familiar with may highly help you make a decision.

2.Ask where they order the parts?

OEM parts and after-market parts have different quality and price, no matter you want your car fix in an expensive way or a cheap way, this question still has to be asked before you make the first payment if you don't want to pay for something which is not worth the money.

3.Ask if the price is negotiable?

Price is always negotiable in service, but a reasonable price is also important, so you may ask the shop if there is a better way to fix your car if your budget is limited. Still remember, the cheapest is not the best.

4.Ask the estimate of time on fix.

Most of the Mechanic shop are very busy, some of the shops even have a schedule for over 3 months, so ask them how long it would take to get your car fixed, don`t wait too long in the line.

5.Ask if they have a great reputation.

This question is not for the shop owner, you will have to do the research by yourself to find it out. A shop has an overall rate upper than 90% is pretty good, you can`t guarantee everyone is happy :(

Shop like M work has a 4.9 rate on google which is a good choice.


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