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10 things you must know before you deal with the insurance company while you are in an accident.

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

1.Get the approval from the insurance before you do anything.

When an accident happened, the first thing in your mind is probably to call the police officer, and then you have to think about how to get your car fixed. But in the meantime, you want to call your insurance company and tell them what is going on and get approval first, some times the insurance will pay your towing bill and give you a rental car. But if you don't do it, you may have to take the money out of your own pocket.

2.Get the rental car if you have the coverage

The insurance company has a limitation of paying for the rental car, which means you can`t just drive a Ferrari away with rental coverage. So get known the limitation daily is very important if you don't want to pay by yourself.

3.Get the accident report to protect yourself

While you are in an accident and even you have a deal with the other gay who crashed your car, you still have to call the police, because the guy may change his words if there is no police report.

4.You can pick up your own body shop.

The insurance company may try to save their money to recommend you to go to an insurance authorized body shop. Their gain and your loss, according to the insurance policy, you have your own right to pick up a body shop to protect yourself, choose a body shop you know. M work ( is a good choice because they will stand by your side and use the OEM parts for their customers.

5.Choose the right way to fix the car.

Some auto body shops may use aftermarket parts to fix the car and still charge the insurance company the same amount to fix your car. This is absolutely not right, so look at the estimate and ask the body shop if they are using the right parts.

M work ( will never do this, they will tell you every detail about how they fix your car.

6.Do not overpay bodyshops

Some auto body shops are overcharging customers even the insurance already paid them, I see a 5k bill for an Audi Q5 even the insurance company already paid 12k, there is no way customers should pay the bill if the insurance company already paid. If you have this kind of situation it means you are trapped, please call us at 866-656-9675 for consulting.

7.Collision report may increase your insurance payment

Any kind of collision report may increase your risky level in the system of the insurance company, so if the collision is very minor, like something under 500$, my suggestion is pay it by yourself.

8.Sign up for all the contracts before the car is getting fixed.

Before you decided to fix a car with a body shop, please look at the contract and understand all the terms. Some terms highly protect the customer, so sign up the contract with them.

9.Ask the insurance company to pay for the deductible.

If you have a police report and it shows it is not your failure, you do not have to pay the deductible, let the insurance pay it.

10.Make sure the fixing time is under the rental car coverage period.

The time of a rental car is limited by insurance terms, it is usually about 14 days. Over used the rental car will get charged.


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